Sample Pieces by Bulgarian Composers for VIVAPIANO 2014

Separate cash prizes will be awarded at the 2014 VIVAPIANO Competition for the best performance during the competition round of a piece by each of the following third-generation Bulgarian composers: Lazar Nikolov, Alexander Raichev, Konstantin Iliev, Georgi Tutev, Dimiter Christoff, Vassil Kazandjiev, Ivan Spassov, Blago Simeonov. In addition, including a piece by one of these composers in your competition program gives you the right to compete for the VIVAPIANO GRAND PRIZE.


On the composer prize webpages you will find links to recordings of some of the sample pieces listed below. While published editions of these pieces are in stock at the bookstore of the Union of Bulgarian Composers in Sofia, not all of the titles are listed on their website and they do not offer a mail-order service. We encourage you to contact us directly here or at or by phone at +359 887 74 34 91 (Daniela Dikova) so we can help you with choosing pieces and getting the sheet music to you.


Composer                              Title                


LAZAR NIKOLOV                 short pieces in “Album za malkite pianisti”


ALEXANDER RAICHEV       short pieces in “Album za malkite pianisti”

                                                Mladezhki album, vol. I (10 short pieces)

                                                Mladezhki album, vol. II (10 short pieces)

                                                Detski album (26 short pieces)


KONSTANTIN ILIEV             short pieces in “Album za malkite pianisti”

                                                Detski ptitsi    (short pieces)

                                                Stranitsi ot album (five pieces)


GEORGI TUTEV                    short pieces in “Album za malkite pianisti”



DIMITER CHRISTOFF           Concert Miniatures

                                                Toccata for All-Saints Day



VASSIL KAZANDJIEV         Toccata                                 

                                                Triumph of the Bells

                                                Esoteric Variations

                                                Mladezhki album (short pieces)                 


BLAGO SIMEONOV            Seven Old Aquarelles

                                               Little Ballad   

                                               Four Moments


ИВАН СПАСОВ                   Piece in [Bulgarian] Folk Style

                                                24 Bagatelles

                                                Igri (4 pieces)

                                                Mikrosuita (for piano 4-hands)


At VIVAPIANO 2014 separate cash prizes will also be awarded for the best performance during the competition round of any piece by the following composers: Andrey Stoyanov, Pancho Vladigerov, Lyubomir Pipkov, Parashkev Hadzhiev, Alexander Tanev, Artin Potourlian, C. P. E. Bach, Bohuslav Martinu, Alan Hovhaness. For further information, go to the “VIVAPIANO PRIZES” page at