Why Ardenza / Защо Арденца?

We were recently asked about the name of our organization. This is how we answered:

Ardenza is what chamber music demands of the people who play it. It’s an Italian word meaning passion, excitement, earnestness—just think of ardor and ardent. The adjective ardente can be found in French, Italian, and Portuguese with additional meanings such as burning, fiery, flaming, ardent; fervent; raging, yearning; fierce; earnest, warm; live, torrid, hot-blooded. In the remaining Romance languages, it's arder (to burn in Spanish) and ardere (combustion in Romanian).

If you are really passionate about getting together with like-minded musicians to play chamber music, then the music you make will be ardent – from that initial spark, the flame will follow. When the excitement is there, you can hear it in the performance.